"Founded by designer Jenny Espírito Santo, mind the cork has a passion for cork and a mission to bring nature and joy into our homes. Considered craftsmanship, innovation and eco-friendly design are the ethe at the heart of mind the cork - I believe sustainable design has to be planet AND people friendly, which means being inclusive, accessible and considerate to our natural environment."

mind the cork has been featured in publications including Elle Decoration, Living Etc, The Guardian, Homes & Garden, House Beautiful, Country Homes, and The Times.


    As the business continues to grow beyond a one-woman band, my goal is to build a brand that has fairness, honesty and positivity at its core. I work closely with craftspeople and small factories in the UK and Portugal. They are all an integral part of mind the cork’s production process, and I believe in working flexibly, paying fairly and creating solid relationships built on mutual trust and respect.


    Cork is a renewable material, and its harvest does not require cutting down the cork oak trees. As a result, it helps maintain wildlife diversity and promotes reforestation.
    mind the cork prides itself in creating collections in small batches to avoid waste and overstock. In the studio and the production line, we also pay close attention to reducing waste and reusing whenever possible.


    Plastic, single-use, overuse – We all know the issues around packaging!

    Whenever possible, mind the cork orders are shipped using a mix of recycled cardboard and paper packaging that can be reused or recycled.
    Though mind the cork is not 100% plastic-free just yet, I only use it if no other option is available or if re-using packing that has been sent to the studio.

  • Cork trees are harvested, not cut down.

    The first harvest happens when the tree is around 25 years old, then every 10 years or so. The tree continues on living, unharmed.

  • Cork trees have a positive ecological impact

    Cork helps with ground water retention, soil conservation and forest fire prevention.

  • Cork trees absorb lots and lots of CO2

    Each time a cork tree is harvested, cork bark regenerates itself and the trees store CO2.

  • Cork trees promote biodiversity and wildlife

    Cork oak forests are home to 135 plant and 42 bird species per square meter, and have a rich diversity of fauna, many of which are endangered.