Taking a brief hiatus 🌴

mind the cork is a one woman band operation and the studio will be closed for a few weeks while I travel - but don't let my holiday stop you from treating yourself!
Enjoy a massive 30% off EVERYTHING while I'm away and your orders will be shipped w/c 20 May.

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Emke Cork Vessel - Sage Lid

Pebble cork bowls

inspired by the ever-changing sea and the curiosity to create a physical illustration of it, using cork as a medium.

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Contemporary eco friendly cork homeware and lifestyle products

mind the cork is a London based design studio that combines playful minimalism with sustainable materials to create exciting, eco-friendly, and thoughtfully crafted cork lifestyle products.

mind the cork in the press

  • “A botanical celebration, mind the cork’s planters are inspired by the desire to bring nature in and pay homage to minimalist understated beauty.”

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