The Balombo Collection - A Personal History

The Balombo Collection - A Personal History

“The Balombo Collection is a personal representation of my history.”
The kind of history that exists only in our minds.
Made up of memories, factual and imaginary.

Made up of the stories we are told, time and time again, until we stop listening and all that is left is the fragmented version we tell ourselves.

Inspired by my memory of the Angolan Chingange figures I grew up with, along with my ambivalent perception of current society, the Balombo is my bogeyman, my sack man.

Dramatic and treacherous clowns posing as deific storytellers, with their obscure beauty and performance, tell us bewildering tales of unknown evils only they can protect us from.

The decorative Balombo collection is made using a mix of contemporary technology and handmade work. I want to capture this, and also their eerie history, by playing with texture, colour, light, shadow and imperfect repetition.

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