Decorating with Natural Dried Flowers

Decorating with Natural Dried Flowers

If you love natural dried flowers and grasses, I think you will love my new Onda e Sol Cork Vase Duo. A statement item with a soft architectural aesthetic and amber hues that complement any space. Perfect for your dried blooms and minimalist floral arrangements.

5 Reasons I Love Natural Dried Flowers & Foliage

  • They last forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but after you have arranged them beautifully, they will not droop on you a few days later. And if taken care of carefully, they last between 1 and 3 years.
  • Natural dried flowers are reusable, so their carbon footprint can be significantly lower than fresh flowers.
  • Place them anywhere! Even where there is no natural light. Great for adding a little touch of nature and vibrancy to a windowless corridor or a dark corner.
  • There are so many options! I personally love to combine natural tones with pops of soft colour. I pick up any blooms and grasses I like and then rotate them in different combinations throughout the year. I don’t worry too much about what colours “suit” each season. 
  • This last one will not (thankfully!) apply to most of you… No allergies! I love flowers but am sadly allergic to so many I gave up on having them at home. 

Onda e sol vases with a mix of dried natural florals

As you might have guessed, I love cork. I love it for its sustainability, textures and appearance. It’s a gorgeous material to work with. I love creating objects that show my affinity for minimalist shapes while letting the cork material be the star of the show.

I wanted to create a contemporary, eye-catching vase that serve as a foundation for your beautiful dried blooms while boldly expressing a minimalist “less is more” attitude. 

Onda e Sol cork vase with dried natural florals
The amber hues and made-for-each-other aesthetic of the Onda e Sol Cork Vase Duo will complement any room in your home - from modern, midcentury, contemporary or beach houses. Slip dried blooms and grasses into each vase for a contemporary take on incorporating nature into your indoor spaces.

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