Creating Festive Wintry Joy

Creating Festive Wintry Joy

A couple of weeks ago, I was heading to the studio and realised how much I missed the Spring and Summer flowers dotted around the park, the flower beds along the road, and even in the yard at the studio.

I love looking at flowers. The intricate patterns on the petals and the way the colours blend into each other. I could happily lose hours examining them! Plot twist - I am allergic to most flowers - typical, right?!
I'm pretty sure it's getting worse as I get older. The last time I went to a flower market to buy plants in an enclosed space, my face looked like I had lost a boxing match by the time I left.

No floral romantic gestures for me! Well, except for dried flowers. Those I can enjoy in peace.

So there I was, missing the colourful florals I can enjoy outdoors at a distance. Thinking about this pretty grim winter heading towards us (or being thrown at us?), thinking about being a small business owner, being a woman navigating this industry. Trying to think of ways of being positive and creating some wintry joy, so we can make it through this mad reality we seem to be living in. You know how it is... we are left alone with our thoughts and suddenly, a million and one ideas!

Something that is always with me is the need to celebrate women. To lift each other up, collaborate and grow together. I immediately thought of Debbie, of MoonKo. We never met in person, but we're Instagram friends. I suppose it's sort of like what I imagine having a pen pal is.

Debbie creates and sells naturally dried florals. I think there’s something so poetic about the act of preserving flowers with all their life and colour, to admire at a later date, indoors, when nature has become cold and dormant.

Then I thought of Celine, of Da Silva Design. A fellow Crystal Palace resident - and a customer turned friend. Celine is a woman of many talents! Over the past few years, she has been renovating her 1920s home, and the result is stunning! It's contemporary but feels warm, easy, and lived in. I love her use of subtle colours popping here and there; and all the textures and materials inspired by travel and her time living in Southeast Asia.

We decided to do a little photoshoot - because it's much-needed fun! And a lovely way of showcasing our work together. Debbie's dried blooms work perfectly with my cork vases and fit like a glove in Celine's home.

cork vases decorating Christmas table

The idea was to create an alternative way of decorating our homes for the Winter festivities. Even if not all of us celebrate Christmas - I essentially join in for the food, mulled wine and laughs. The good stuff.

I really enjoy the decorations, it's like a special party dress for the home! Of course, the environment is a huge consideration, so we picked natural branches and leaves, dried flowers for colour, candles, pine cones... and mince pies!

A great way of thinking about it is choosing accessories that fit in our home or that we already own - but using them differently. The Onda e Sol vases complement any room in your home. Slip in some wintry grasses and blooms, and you have a contemporary Christmassy table or sideboard display.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the images we created and that they provide some inspiration for your own home. But mostly, I hope you - we - can preserve as much positive energy as possible to create our own small moments of joy and beauty as the year comes to an end.

jenny and celine at a table

For behind the scenes and updates, follow Debbie, Celine and Jenny on Instagram.

Find gorgeous naturally dried florals at Moonko
Looking for design services or a stunning location house for photoshoot? Get in touch with Celine at Da Silva Design.

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